Irrigation Project Operations Manager

Esterline Landscape
Kissimmee, Fl

Position reports to: General Manager


General Responsibilities


Ensure daily that crews leave for job sites with the necessary tools, equipment and materials by 8am

Visit job sites to ensure jobs are done as per schedule and procedure

Coordinate all activities necessary to ensure that systems are in place for the following day’s work schedule


Specific Responsibilities


·         Unlock gas tanks / storage room/ material room not later than 7 am

·         Issue work orders for the day and collect previous day’s work orders

·         Advise crew leaders of their team working with them daily

·         Ensure trucks are loaded with the necessary tools, equipment and materials for the day

·         Ensure the crews leave for job sites by 8 am

·         Calculate man hours for the previous day and update the board

·         Confirm with Assistant Staff Accountant jobs and scheduling for the following day

·         Ensure pit crew retrieve plant material for the next day

·         Ensure pit crew record inventory collected for each job

·         Regularly visit all job sites to ensure that work is done as per schedule and required standards

·         Carry out minor repairs on job sites when the service technician is not available

·         Monitor upcoming lots in communities

·         Check to see if meters have been unlocked on lots awaiting landscape

·         Conduct regular safety meetings

·         Walk through and sign off completed lots with DR Horton superintendents

·         Submit orders for plant material / irrigation material as required to the General Manager

·         Ensure crews have returned to office and all company property is retrieved and secured before leaving

·         Lock up all doors and gas tanks and set alarms before leaving

·         Facilitate warranty items and address customers queries in a timely manner

·         Create estimates and EPOs’ for additional work and submit toe relevant persons in a timely manner

·         Any other business assigned from time to time by the General Manager

Physical Requirements for role:

·         Walk (often on uneven surfaces)

·         Standing and moving for extended periods of time during a standard 8 hour shift

·         Bending at waist and neck

·         Twisting at waist and neck

·         Squatting

·         Hand grasping

·         Kneeling

·         Lifting up to 50 lbs (will have assistance for 50lbs or more)

·         Carrying up to 50lbs (depending on distance to carry may require assistance over 35lbs)

·         Pushing & pulling

·         Reaching above and below shoulder

·         Climbing in and out of vehicles and trailers

·         Ability to learn how to operate commercial power equipment and use it on a daily basis.

·         Working in very hot and humid temperatures and weather

·         Climbing ladders in excess of six feet

·         Driving company vehicles