General Manager

Liberty Landscape Supply
Fernandina Beach, FL
General Manager

Company Objective- At Liberty Landscape Supply (LLS) our goal is to be the best landscape supply company in the Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia area as measured by customer retention, satisfaction, overall customer and organizational growth, and by meeting and exceeding customer expectations every single day.


General Manager- The primary roles of the General Manager are to drive sales, be in control of the organizational aspects of the office and ensure customer satisfaction.  The General Manager will be responsible for making sure the expectations of our customers are met and exceeded.


It is expected that the General Manager:


  1. Will assist with accounts receivable including preparing invoices and following up with telephone calls.
  2. Will assist with accounts payable including receiving shipments, entering bills, preparing checks and checking with suppliers to correct mistakes.
  3. Will be responsible for placing equipment and supply orders and ensuring their accuracy and timely delivery.
  4. Many days may require opening to closing supervision.
  5. Will run some general office errands including bank deposits, post office, supply pickup, etc.
  6. Assist and oversee that general shop and office maintenance from shop cleaning, to rest room cleaning, to taking out the garbage is completed daily and provide a schedule for cleaning assignments as necessary.  Maintain a list of needed supplies and or inventory with sufficient notice to management so they can be provided prior to interruption of production.
  7. Solves problems to the best of your ability as they arise.  There are not many emergencies in this business so many situations need to be dealt with reasonably until they can be discussed with management and a permanent solution can established.  Most important, if you’re not sure, ask and never be afraid to tell the customer you don’t know but will find the answer for them.
  8. Daily and weekly responsibilities that will assist you with consistent positive work flow will include:

a)      Morning and Afternoon “walks” with the nursery manager to review the condition of the yard, inventory shortages, and marketing design. The afternoon walk should make sure all plants material that is tagged – is pulled from the yard to be held in the holding block or behind the fence.

b)      Supervising the delivery board daily and also reviewing “future” board assignments.

c)      Supervision of all cash drawers.

d)      Reviewing daily delivery tickets for the next day.

e)      Review all incoming orders for the next day.

f)       Review employee schedules daily to make sure you are adequately staffed for the next day. (covering deliveries and installations)

g)      Review active estimates for the past week.

h)      Inspect the trucks when they come in at the end of the day, this review is not only for cleanliness but to make sure proper inventory is on the trucks and also to review the overall condition of the truck.

i)       Supervise the marketing sign by the road. This is a great means of free advertising for us and should reflect all new products and services we offer.

j)       Daily staff training of the over 1000 products we offer. This can be accomplished by the use of the “Learning Table” and holding weekly mini classes and training sessions.

k)      Daily review of all transactions. This process will assist in eliminating mistakes, and will also allow you to review changes and deletions in orders that will prompt pulling tags off material and placing them back into inventory.

l)       Review AR report, contacting past due accounts and reporting to owner.

m)   Weekly report to owner for any new or price changed signs.

n)      Review the weekly maintenance books for the trucks and tractors.

o)      Review the Pick-up and TBD files.

p)      Work on any daily or weekly “Special Project” that may come up.


  1. Adheres to strict confidentiality of company production procedures and financial figures, including our cost, profit margins and gross sales.  Violation of this policy is subject to immediate termination.
  2. Contributes new ideas on a regular basis to improve the office, yard, deliveries, marketing, sales and customer service. We can always improve in all areas of our business.
  3. Will contribute industry knowledge and expertise to expand current business operations to achieve growth and meet sales goals.  This includes, but is not limited to, prior experience in other industries.
  4. Will seek out new business in a proactive way.  This includes calling on developers, architects, builders, contractors and other industry contacts to act as a supplier to their projects.


One of the main benefits of this position is constant change and variation in responsibilities, tasks and opportunities.  The General Manager needs to ALWAYS be open to new ideas, change and thinking outside the box.  As our business grows and changes so will your role and responsibilities.  This job description is meant to be a general overview of job responsibilities and will expand as needed.