Irrigation Supervisor Tree Farm

Cherrylake, Inc
Groveland, FL

Responsible for all aspects of the closed loop pressurized irrigation system at Cherrylake’s main farm. Manage a team of employees that monitor the moisture level for all crops, maintain all aspects of the system, and make repairs to the system as needed.  Use collected data to manipulate watering programs to provide the appropriate amount of water to crops. Follow up, teach, coach, and lead all employees within the Water Management department. Ensure the entire irrigation system from pump to emitter is functioning efficiently and effectively. Continuously seek improvements and water conservation through trialing new technology, maximizing programing, and minimizing waste.

  • Lead a team of 10 individuals assigning daily duties, tasks, and handling all administrative functions.

  • Analyze data collected to make decisions on a daily basis regarding water management

  • Routinely inspect all pump stations and accompanying equipment

  • Observe/record pump and irrigation control system to ensure adequate water supply is being delivered. (In/out gauges, Vacuum gauges, flow meters, backwash controllers)

  • Maintain and oversee all regulatory compliance regarding permitting and submit all required records

  • Assist in the design and implementation of irrigation upgrades, improvements, and additions..

  • Keep work area and equipment /supplies clean and in good working order.

  • Inspect all quality of repairs, assign task lists weekly, and manage all materials budgeting

  • Adhere to, instruct/train,  and implement all safety requirements, regulations, and initiatives to the team.

  • Requires standing, walking and sitting for extended periods.

  • Communicate progress and initiatives on a weekly basis to management.

  • All other duties assigned.

  • Prior commercial and/or agricultural irrigation experience

  • Proficient knowledge of hydraulics as it pertains to friction, pressure, etc.

  • Numerical operations to calculate time and water volume.

  • Knowledge of Electrical motors, pumps, Variable Frequency Drives, and Agricultural Filtration.

  • Knowledge of Conventional and 2-wire irrigation, electric solenoid valves, radio controlled valves, and pressure regulating valves

  • Proficient in Email, Google suite programs, spreadsheets.

  • Ability to collect, analyze, and interpret large amounts of data.

  • Must be able to work effectively under time constraints and exercise good judgment under pressure.

  • Proactive, capable of multitasking and troubleshooting, finding innovative solutions.

  • Ability to coach team members, assign work efficiently, and educate team to increase departmental knowledge

  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) is required. A minimum proficiency of conversational Spanish required.

  • Basic mechanical skills and detail oriented.