Regional Sales Representative

Wherry Truck Lines, Inc. / Green Waste Disposal, Inc.
Fort Myers

Wherry Truck Lines, Inc. (WTL) / Green Waste Disposal was established in 1992. In its beginnings WTL specialized in walking floor bulk transport and flatbed services. Initially, the bulk transport division catered primarily to the waste and mulch industries and the flat bed division catered to the horticultural and landscape industry. Since then services have been expanded to include land clearing, logging and composting. At Wherry Truck Lines/Green Waste Disposal we are dedicated to serviceability with the highest regards to creating and maintaining strong customer relationships. We offer dependable, prompt and reliable service with our professional staff and equipment. Our customers can count on a general response time of 24 hours from the time a job is called in.

The Regional Sales Representative is responsible for the all aspects of the sales cycle, to include review of ongoing operations at Green Waste Disposal, Country Lakes Farm and other land clearing or vegetation projects, to ensure timely distribution of sales.  

*        * Provides the sale of:

§  Potting soil for flower beds, etc.

§  Topsoil

§  Mulch – hardwood and vegetation.

§  Vegetative compost.

§  Trees, such as, sable palms.

§  Dumpsters for horticulture and C&D.

§  Heavy equipment to pick up and remove trees.

§  Debris removal, particularly after tropical storms and hurricanes.

·       * Works closely with the Company dispatcher.  Each order received is submitted to the dispatcher for dispatch of the appropriate trucks for delivery or pick up of the specific products to the customer.

·      * Provides exceptional customer service. Conducts follow-up with potential and existing customers - takes orders, confirms orders, communicates needs, maintains long term relationships and aids in emergency situations.

·       * Conducts sales by cold calling and contacting new or current customers such as golf courses, nurseries, landscapers, lawn maintenance etc.

·       *  Conducts sales when customers call in to company.

·       * Conducts customer follow-up through on-site visits prior to and after finalizing sale.  While at site ask customer what they need, check for potential accident possibilities.  After delivery verify that there were no accidents, oil spills, damage to property.

·        * Collects customer payments, picks up checks from customers and delivers them to the account receivable office.  Makes collection calls as needed.


  •  cold call
  •  knock on new customer doors
  •  chase new or existing customer down
  •  call potential, new and existing customers on the phone
  •  introduce one’s self or walk up to an unknown person and shake their hand.  All with an enjoyable personality that makes a connection to the potential, new or existing customer.
  •  Computer knowledge: Outlook, Excel and Word.
  •  Prior sales experience in agricultural community.