Brightview Landscape Services
Sarasota Florida

Cut turf using various sized power mowers , trimming and edging using a gas powered edger/trimmer, and operating a gas powered blower.

Properly and safely prune shrubs and low trees as needed to improve the shape or growth habit or to remove damaged branches

Plant and maintain flower beds

Properly and safely operate the edger and line trimmer along sidewalks, flower beds, trees, buildings, fences and other objects

Pick up trash and blow leaves and other organic debris on to the turf before  mowing. Mulch the leaves and organic matter when mowing

Perform weeding by hand or using a garden hoe or hula  hoe

Essential to maintain a polite, friendly, responsive demeanor with guests and customers

Other duties as assigned

You must be at least 18 years old, enthusiastic and dependable, and able to safely work with equipment like power saws and cutters.

Must be able to work outdoors and in a variety of weather conditions

Must be able to do very physical work that includes standing, bending, or kneeling for long periods of time

Must be able to lift/carry 35-50 pounds of mulch, plant material or other equipment as needed