Premier Growers of America, LLC
Alturas, FL


Premier Growers of America, LLC

Alturas, FL

Grower Job Description


Summary of Duties

Maintain the overall health of the plant material from propagation through the finished product. Understand and implement proper fertilization, pest management, and irrigation to achieve the finished product on time. With the manager's leadership, produce the highest quality liner available most productively and efficiently.

Primary Duties

  • Apply pesticides as needed in the nursery. Keep detailed records of the application of all pesticides applied
  • Notify the General Manager when supplies are getting low
  • Understand and implement integrated pest management throughout the nursery
  • Keep detailed reports of issues that arise and formulate solutions
  • Daily maintenance of all the plant material includes all aspects of growing the plant (propagation, fertilization, watering, pruning, staking, spacing, weeding, grading, etc.)
  • Monitor propagation houses' environment and ensure they are clean and in optimal condition for the propagation of material
  • Uphold the standard and quality of the plant material that is being grown
  • Know the specifications for all the material grown and make recommendations for production improvement and implementation
  • Follow the manager's growing schedule and meet the expected deadlines to ensure the material will be ready for sale when expected
  • Keep detailed records of day to day operations and track time used to accomplish tasks completed during the day
  • Assist in full and spot counting of inventory
  • Understand the operation of the irrigation system and repairing of the system when needed
  • Maintain inventory of our growing equipment and ensure that it is kept in good operational condition
  • Perform other duties assigned by the GM
  • Oversee the day to day operation of the employees at the nursery

Other Skills and Duties

  • Must possess a high level of interpersonal skills and be able to communicate clearly and positively with fellow employees
  • Must be able to multitask
  • Ability to organize and prioritize daily work for the employees to meet deadlines
  • Ability to sit and stand for extended periods
  • Must be able to lift 25lbs regularly and, on occasions, up to 50 lbs
  • Must be able to work in adverse conditions and handle the summer heat
  • Must obtain a valid pesticide applicator license