Grower Manager New Product Development Grhs

Oglesby Plants International
Altha, FL

          The New Product Development Grower-Manager at Oglesby Plants International is a “hands on”  position responsible for  growing  young plants or starter plants.  A successful  grower-manager works well with other departments and has excellent organization and communication skills.  They assist in generating crop plans and offer creative solutions to problems.  The grower-manager stays current with the latest plant production technologies and assists in generating new ideas to improve production efficiencies

            The New Product Development (NPD) department has several major roles within the company. NPD department is charged with the development and testing of potential new plants and products for Oglesby Plants International (OPI) through extensive greenhouse and field testing.  Most of the potential new plants are derived from our in-house development program which uses several methods including sexual breeding, mutation breeding and/or selection as well as several tissue culture laboratory assisted techniques. Additionally, plants derived from sources outside of OPI are also included in the NPD program. Once a product becomes part of the company’s product line, NPD is charged with supporting the production of the plant by selecting and maintaining stock plants and evaluating newly established laboratory lines.