Annual Technician

Bonita Bay Community Association
Bonita Springs, Florida



·       Will be responsible for the ordering, installation and maintenance of all annual flower displays for BBCA.



·       Reports directly to the Director of Community Maintenance Operations


·       Will supervise one full time employee and others as necessary to ensure maintenance and installation occurs in an efficient manner.


·       Will work closely with the Asst.  Directors, Manager and Technicians within the Grounds Department.



·       Requires a minimum of 3 years experience with annual flowers in a Florida location.


·       Excellent verbal communication skills are required.


·       Ability to lift and carry up to 50 pounds.


·       Will be required to apply fertilizers and pesticides frequently.


·       Must be able to endure prolonged and repetitive bending, kneeling, walking, digging and sweeping.


·       Must be able to tolerate, and perform duties, in extremes of outside elements such as heat, cold, rain etc.

·       Must be able or learn to operate various pieces of maintenance equipment.


·       Requires a valid Florida drivers license.



·       Will recognize that customer service policy, as implemented by the BBCA management team, has the highest priority among all of our daily activities.


·       Must understand the company’s corporate philosophy as it relates to the duties performed.


·       Requires the ability to maintain internal and external professional relationships.


·       Must be able to share and generate ideas as a proactive member of the team.



·       Must be courteous and personable with employees, co-workers, customers and vendors.


·       Integrity and honesty.


·       Have the ability to take direction and communicate with supervisors and co-workers.


·       Must be an excellent problem solver and troubleshooter.


·       Must be able to supervise and take charge of annuals removal and installation operations.



·       Will coordinate with supervisors and suppliers to accurately order annual flowers to be contract grown.


·       Will prepare annual beds in a manner that will help ensure viability and success.


·       Will supervise one full time crewmember and many other crew members on a part time basis.  This supervision is essential to a quick turn around of annual beds.


·       Will maintain annuals once installed through inspection, fertilization, pest control, irrigation management, and pruning.

·       Will maintain detailed and accurate records regarding all aspects of the annual flower operation.  This will include crop types, weather, irrigation, and plant varieties and numbers.


·       Will ensure proper cold weather protection is utilized after coordination with the Grounds Manager.


·       Will grow and maintain annual flowers in hanging baskets for distribution to select areas.


·       Will perform other related duties as requested.


·       Will complete once a year Development Discussions with full time Annuals assistants.

·       Will perform other duties as assigned.