Oglesby Plants International, Inc.
Altha, Florida


We are excited to add another GROWER to our dedicated family owned operation. Responsibilities of the Grower includes directing and coordinating growing activities of plug production over a very broad range of plant genera.  Expectations are to ensure the production of plugs meet and or exceed our very high quality standards through the application of best practices, in an effective, efficient and environmentally sensitive manner.

This is a great opportunity to join a very well respected, long serving family business.


Essential Duties include;

·         In coordination with the Grower Manager; ensure all growing related activities are executed timely, efficiently and effectively in concert and adherence with all organizational and or regulatory standards and requirements. To be carried out in a safe and environmentally sensitive manner.


Daily Responsibilities

·         Daily execution of the applications of the irrigation, fertilization, and or pest management strategies.

·         Ensuring that all horticultural requirements for each crop are met.

·         Executing the processes and procedures for each crop

·         Monitoring and reacting to the Pest Management information gathered and in concert with the Grower Manager incorporating the information into an actionable plan.

·         Working with the various other departments to ensure crop requirements and other processes work together ensuring seamless interaction and minimal interruption.

·         Recognition of crop pest issues and acting timely and appropriately to ensure the highest quality products with the least organizational and environmental impact.

·         Managing work hours and activities schedules. Ensuring that crop activities are correct and executed timely.

·         Ensure the greenhouse hygiene is maintained on a daily and or hourly basis.

·         Record keeping of the crop information, the pest information and subsequent pesticide treatment.

·         Ensure crop timing is executed


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities 

·         Familiar and knowledgeable of the best management and horticultural practices for growing the highest quality plants. Including pest management, fertility and growth regulators.

·         Familiar with a wide range of genera of plants being produced in a greenhouse for plug production

·         Ability to work close with other departments.

·         Must be flexible and have the ability to analyze and adapt to changing situations.

·         Must have good communication skills and comprehension skills.

·         Must be able to acquire a pesticide license within 3 months of employment.

·         Should have a proven track record of successful hands on propagation and success in supporting a high volume greenhouse operation.

·         Candidates must be process driven, motivated, dedicated and be willing to work as part of a team.

·         During peak production periods, weekly hours may exceed 40 and some weekend as well as holiday work will be required.

·         Candidates will exhibit continuous improvement, organizational, and communication skills.

·         Candidates should have at least 4 years of commercial growing experience with 2-3 years of propagation experience or related production experience with a proven ability to execute and supervise a propagation production plan.

·         A degree in Horticulture, Soil Science, Plant Science or Agriculture is preferred

o   Or some horticultural course load at a collegiate level.

o   Or experience in lieu of a formal education is acceptable.