Landscape Designer

Phillips Landscape Contractors, Inc
Englewood Florida

This job exists to serve customers in their wants and needs on their landscape projects, this role may change and adapt at any time.  

Summary of essential job functions: 

  • Meeting with clients to discuss their landscape needs and preparing plans bid/quotes for the customers project
  • Assist Construction Manager with ordering and scheduling  of materials, equipment and supplies as needed
  • Organize delivery of landscape materials to job site
  • Meet with and support landscape crew members during the entire project
  • Manage customer sign off documents and receipt of payments
  • Assist Construction Manager with monitoring all job costs, scheduling  or any other factors so appropriate adjustments can be made to maximize end results.
  • Designing projects using landscape computer software and by hand.
  • Work with Construction Manager to maintain day-to-day working knowledge of all contracts in progress, including field completion status
  • Support sales and marketing initiatives with solid production knowledge or service.  Identify opportunities for enhancements or upgrades as they are presented or found.
  • Work with Construction Manager to ensure all field reporting and records are completed accurately and flow effectively between the field and office.