City of Tallahassee


This is entry-level horticultural work. With instruction and orientation, the employee will be expected to learn and perform basic and routine duties typically performed by landscape and grounds maintenance personnel, as they are practiced in northern Florida, but not requiring possession of a license or certification.


Performs pruning, planting, chemical application, irrigation operation and repair, fertilization and operation of various types of equipment used in landscaping and grounds maintenance, while working under the close supervision of a Senior Horticultural Technician or the Foreman of Horticultural Operations.


Work is reviewed by inspected while in progress and upon completion.



Essential Duties:

Assists in installing, planting, pruning, irrigating and fertilizing plants, trees and turf. Assists in installing, operating and maintaining irrigation systems, water features, ornamental lighting, signage and hardscape features. Following instruction and orientation, operates the basic equipment used in landscaping and grounds maintenance, such as, but not limited to, tillers, mowers, line-trimmers, edgers, blowers, spray equipment, light trucks, utility vehicles and various hand tools common to the industry.

May apply pesticides and herbicides under the direction of the Foreman-Horticultural Operations or a Senior Horticultural Technician, where applicable. Assists in the selection, planting and collection of plants and materials used in special beautification projects and events. Pulls weeds by hand. Picks up trash and debris. Hand-waters plants and trees. May also provide assistance to special events staff, vendors and sub-contractors as directed. Assists in making minor repairs to equipment and performing preventative maintenance.

Performs related work as assigned.


Other Important Duties:

May keep records and documentation of activities as appropriate. May deliver equipment and supplies to other crews in the Parks Division. Participates in specialized training provided to increase knowledge, skills and abilities in horticultural operations. Performs all other related work as assigned.



Desirable Qualifications:

Some knowledge of basic horticultural operations, grounds care, lawn maintenance or landscaping. Ability to follow instructions and carry out assigned tasks. Ability to learn to identify common plants, trees and turf of northern Florida. Ability to learn to identify common insect pests, diseases and weeds. Ability to learn to operate the common equipment utilized in the industry.


Minimum Training and Experience:

Possession of a high school diploma or an equivalent recognized certificate and one year of experience that includes landscaping, grounds care, lawn maintenance, nursery operations, irrigation or a related field.


Special Necessary Requirements:

·         Must possess a valid Class E State driver’s license at the time of appointment; or positions designated by the department director must possess the appropriate State Commercial Driver License (CDL) and endorsement(s) at the time of appointment, or must have passed the appropriate written CDL test/endorsement(s) and obtained a CDL permit at the time of appointment and obtain the appropriate CDL licensure within 90 calendar days from date of employment as a condition for continued employment.

·         Must obtain the City of Tallahassee Turf and Landscape Fertilizer Certification within twelve months of employment and maintain the certification as a condition of continued employment in the position.


Job posting closes: 7/13/2018

Salary Range: $10.51 to $24.06/hourly. Hiring rate generally will not exceed $15.00/hour.