Purchasing & Inventory-Fleet Manager

R. Plants, Inc.

Job Description:  Purchasing & Inventory-Fleet Monitor

The Purchasing/ Inventory Control Coordinator performs all aspects of purchasing for the company and for managing the inventory, distribution and control of those items for all company locations.   The Coordinator must identify the products that are to be purchased, identify the most appropriate supplier for the products, confirm all aspects of pricing, confirm all deliveries and maintain an inventory control database.  The position reports to the Controller.


Responsibilities & Duties: 

The Purchasing/ Inventory Control Coordinator’s primary duties include but are not limited to:

  • Microsoft skills include (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word, Office 365)
  • Work with company department managers to determine purchasing needs and requirements for mechanic department and office products (sometimes).
  • Identify the most appropriate supplier for the designated product, determine availability, perform comparative pricing and negotiate pricing, confirm quality of products and establish delivery requirements/timelines.
  • Perform all purchasing functions, such as issuing purchase orders, invoice creation, pricing verification, payment authorization.
  • Input and maintain register database of all purchasing; maintains daily inventory update
  • Identify and resolve all issues related to purchasing quality, pricing, delivery, utilization, loss
  • Update company on any new parts that may be more efficient or cost effective, obsolete parts, or product trends.
  • Position requires monitor Teletrac Navman director Program (Fleet Monitor).
  • Department liaison between recruiting, maintenance and operations (Drivers).
  • Ensure that driver hiring practices fall within DOT guidelines (Guide by the Company BSS).
  • organizational skills, ability to multi-task and ability to exercise independent judgment
  • Bilingual skills helpful (English-Spanish)