Wholesale Nursery General Manager

Fox Ridge Nursery
Harvard, IL

Wholesale  Nursery General  Manager Position Available  

Fox  Ridge  Nursery  is a wholesale  nursery covering 440  acres in Harvard, IL.  Over the last 30 years,  our dedication to quality has  allowed us to grow our operations  and hone our reputation as one of  the premier wholesale growers in the Midwest.      

  Our  farm currently  has over 215 acres  in production, including  field grown Trees and Ornamentals  from 1.5”-­‐2.5”, Evergreens from 4-­‐8’  and Heavy specimen Shrubs from 4’-­‐6’.    

We  hold  our material,  customer service  and knowledge to the  highest of standards and  are looking for an innovative,  experienced general manager to take  the business to the next level.

Ideally,  this individual  will be able to  manage and plan for  exponential growth, while  simultaneously overseeing growing  operations. We have a great team in  place, and are searching for a super star  leader to maintain our trajectory through the  use of data driven business planning and execution.  

Job  Duties  and Responsibilities  

•   Supervise  all business  and horticultural  operations, including  shipping

•   Support  & manage  growing manager  and staff

•   Plan  for short  and long term  planting blocks,  production schedule,  planting plan and oversee  all

growing  operations,  following the  guidance of the  growing manager

•   Develop  and execute  annual marketing  plan

•   Responsible  for all finances  including expenditures,  monthly P&L, procurement  and payroll

•   Create  and adhere  to annual budget  

•   Oversee  all HR operations  

•   Manage  outside sales  team and all sales  operations and processes  

Experience  Requirements  

•   5+ years  business management  within horticultural or  green industry

•   Experience  interpersonal  leader and staff  manager

•   Tech  savvy,  entrepreneurial  outlook

Contact  Information:  

Fox  Ridge  Nursery  

23513  Streit Rd  

Harvard,  IL 60033

(815)  943-­‐1111  


Please  send resumes  and salary requirements  to: