Landscaping Supervisor

Pine Crest School
Fort Lauderdale




Maintenance Supervisor


(10 or 12 month position)

Full time / 12-month position


Monday-Friday (6:30am-3:00pm) and may vary depending upon the needs of the department


Ft. Lauderdale Campus (travel to Boca Campus weekly)


Director of Facilities


Human Resources




The purpose of the Landscaping Supervisor is to directly supervise and coordinate activities of workers engaged in landscaping or grounds keeping activities.  Work may involve reviewing contracts to ascertain service, machine and workforce requirements. 

Essential Job Functions

·            Supervises all grounds technicians at the Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton campuses

·            Supervises, assists and coordinates with onsite landscaping vendor for daily needs

·            Plans, schedules, assigns and supervises grounds crew in maintenance and care of campus lawns, shrubs, hedges, tree removal, planting, spraying and weed eradication

·            Supervises crews in campus clean-up projects and assist in special events projects as needed

·            Maintains log of inspections: grounds, sprinklers, lawns and other areas needed

·            Oversee landscaping vendor’s agenda to maintain turf maintenance program

·            Designs or supervises the installation of sprinkler systems, calculate water pressure, valve and pipe coverage needs

·            Makes necessary recommendations of modifications to grounds, sprinkler and procedures

·            Conducts training to ensure proper use of equipment

·            Assures proper routine maintenance is performed on all motorized equipment, i.e. changing oil, grease bearings and adjust belt tension

·            Maintains athletic fields and prepares for events and meets using the striping machine

·            Blows and sweeps sidewalks, parking lots, tennis court areas and other assigned areas as needed

·            Delegates work orders to crew

·            Travels between campuses (using school vehicle to Boca Raton campus for review and inspection-verifying that all expectations are met and consistent between both campuses

Essential Performance Characteristics

·         Makes effective use of technology, as applicable to the position

·         Promotes a positive environment and a team oriented approach to work

·         Establishes and maintains cooperative and effective working relationships with others

·         Adheres to department dress code in a professional manner

·         Keeps supervisor advised of all developments; consults with supervisor when conflicts or disagreements arise and performs in a professional, supportive manner that leads to greater productivity within the department and organization

·         Consistently maintains absolute confidentiality and professionalism with privileged information

·         Maintains a consistent high level of performance

·         Maintains a regular, dependable attendance (be at work regularly, on time, with occasional absences that are reasonably predictable)

·         Maintains a high regard for personal safety and for the safety of school students, employees and assets

·         Demonstrates dependability and responsibility

·         Adheres to School policies and procedures, including but not limited to what is outlined in the Faculty and Staff Employee Handbook

·         Employee may be required to work on either campus at such time(s) and with such frequency as may be deemed appropriate in the School’s discretion.

·         Accepts and completes other duties and responsibilities assigned by the Department Supervisor, as well as from the Department Supervisor’s appointed designee

Essential Personal Characteristics

·         Exhibits the ability to work on multiple projects/responsibilities with minimal supervision and meet/exceed deadlines; performs multifaceted projects in conjunction with day-to-day activities

·         Ability to work independently; self-motivated

·         Demonstrates analytical skills and logical thought process with the ability to identify and resolve issues/problems when appropriate

·         Demonstrates the ability to work in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment with high level of professionalism

·         Demonstrates well-developed administrative skills, as applicable to position

·         Displays the ability to compose accurately effective correspondence with proficiency in grammar and punctuation, as applicable to position

·         Demonstrates the ability to work effectively with others

·         Regularly uses spreadsheet, database and word processing software, and periodically learns new programs, as applicable to position

·         Possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills to be able to communicate effectively

·         Possesses strong organization skills, with extreme attention to detail, as applicable to position

·         Possesses strong problem resolution skills; demonstrates good reasoning abilities, as applicable to position

·         Willing to accept additional responsibility or offer assistance to complete assignments

·         Possesses a demonstrated and proficient understanding of principles in one or more specialized functions specific to this field

·         Strives continually to make the best use of time during the workday through careful coordination of daily tasks; demonstrates the flexibility in prioritizing, and strong time management skills

·         Ability to identify and escalate sensitive issues to the supervisor/division head; demonstrates knowledge of when to seek guidance




High School Diploma or equivalent; Bachelor’s degree preferred


Experience and Qualifications


Five (5) years’ ground and turf management experience

Four (4) years’ irrigation experience

Experience in the layout of sports fields (line and paint)

Experience working with chemicals for herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and weed killers

Computer software  experience (e.g. work order system/School Dude)

Google calendar and email



and/or Licenses

Valid Florida driver’s license

Landscape Industry Certified Care Technician

Certified Grounds Technician

Certified Landscape Irrigation Technician

Working Conditions

·         Environment subject to frequent interruptions; varying and unpredictable situations; some pressure due to multiple calls and inquiries

·         Working in air conditioned office 25% of the time

·         Working at a video display terminal (VDT)  

·         Occasionally subject to irregular hours

·         Occasional travel may be required (between campuses and possibly overnight/conference)








Lbs.:   50 lbs. unassisted

Times per day:   2 to 3




Lbs.:   50 lbs. unassisted

Times per day:   2 to 3




Lbs.:   50 lbs. unassisted

Times per day:   2 to 3




Hours per day:   varies

Times per day:   2 to 3





Times per day:   8 to 10




Hours per day:   1 to 2

Times per day:   1 to 2




Hours per day:   7 to 8

Times per day:   most of the time





Times per day:   most of the time




Ladders with various heights-max height:   6 feet

Times per day:   2 to 3




Hours per day:   4 to 6




Data entry

Hours per day:  2 to 3





Hours per day:  2 to 3

Driving between campuses and possibly overnight




Working outside; outdoor environment subject to changing temperatures that may exceed 90 degrees at times